Our philosophy focuses on the following: 

  • Increase Hydration
  • Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Address Puffiness and Dark Circles

Increase Hydration

Hydration is a key component in any skin regimen—and eyes should not be ignored. Thin eye tissue is prone to Trans Epidermal Water Loss and crepiness—it must be infused with hydrators and rich lipids on a daily basis. Moisture binders and occlusive complexes work together to restore the hydration and lipid content to this delicate area, bringing radiance and youth back to the eyes!

Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Smoothing and softening fine lines and wrinkles is imperative for any eye regimen. Hydrators, specialized peptides, gentle enzymes & acids, and vitamins work synergistically to rejuvenate eye tissue and lessen crow’s feet & eye contours. Tissue is plumped and refined!

Address Puffiness and Dark Circles

Tired and swollen eyes benefit from specialized peptides, brighteners, and antioxidants. Over time, puffiness is reduced, and dark circles are diminished, giving the eyes an awakened, tightened, and youthful appearance.