Bright, Youthful Eyes – Even During the Winter

Posted on December 08 2022

Bright, Youthful Eyes – Even During the Winter


Do your eyes appear more tired or less youthful this time of year?


An ophthalmology professor at the University of Tennessee led a study on how people gauge fatigue and age.  The study revealed that most people first look to the eyes.  Though the findings were somewhat obvious, it causes us to ask the question: do we need to change our eye care with the changing seasons?


As the temperature declines, snow is covering the ground and the heat is turned up, the delicate tissue around the eyes becomes drier, more crepey.  Our fine lines and wrinkles may become more prominent, which leads us to adjusting our routine when it comes to maintaining youthful eyes.     


Maintaining Bright Eyes


One way to hydrate and brighten the eye area is by visiting your local RA Professional and receiving a professional EYES treatment.  These specialized treatments address crow’s feet, dark circles, wrinkles, puffiness and hydration. 


The Lift & Tighten Eye Treatment, our most advanced eye protocol, instantly brightens, lifts, tightens, plumps and moisturizes eye tissue.  When treating eyes exfoliation, cell regeneration and hydration are essential. 


In this treatment, papaya and pineapple extracts gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it soft and polished.  A blend of nutrient-rich hydrators, plant stem cells and hyaluronic acid replenish depleted, dry tissue.  Next, a double mask application gives muscles around the eye a workout, instantly tightening skin, while boosting hydration and antioxidants.  This treatment finishes with one of our ultra-moisturizing and peptide-rich EYES products – Eye & Lip Renew Serum or Peptide 3-n-1 Eye Cream.    


A daily skin care regimen must consist of sunscreen, a good moisturizer and a skin-protecting antioxidant formula in the morning.  If clients wear makeup, encourage them to use our Silky Lavender Cleanse at night to gently remove makeup from eyes and face, while nourishing and hydrating skin. 


Along with our Lift & Tighten Eye Treatment, there are a few other options to step-up your eye care at home.  We recommend boosting your nightly application of Eye & Lip Renew Serum by adding a drop of Stem Cell A to help stimulate rejuvenation.  Need an extra boost of hydration, apply a drop of Pro Youth -10 Drop of Essence or Infuse 7 over top.    


During the winter months, tissue may become drier and in need of more hydration – try our Eye Lift as your AM eye care product.  The combination of skin firming and brightening peptides, combined with humectants help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Of course, we always encourage at least 7-8 hours of sleep, a healthy diet and plenty of water throughout the day.  However, visiting your local RA Professional for a pick-me-up treatment and a little change to your home care helps keep people guessing your age too!


Reflect your beauty and see the difference with RA EYES!


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